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New Strategic Alliance with Catena Network


New Strategic Partnership between The Business Network East Midlands and Catena Network.


Claire Bicknell, owner of the Catena Network and Peter Motley Chief Executive of The Business Network East Midlands (BNEM) explained the thinking behind their decision.


“The Catena Network operates as a “business dating agency”, with the emphasis on facilitating introductions between members, so actual networking events are a small part of what is on offer, “ explained Bicknell, “Catena events take place on a quarterly basis, in the early evening,; so teaming up with BNEM provides Catena members with more occasions to attend the lunchtime networking events in the East Midlands, whilst members of BNEM have the opportunity to build relationships within the Catena Network, both in the East Midlands, as well as the rest of the UK.”


“There is definite synergy between the two organisations,” added Motley “Both work to build close working links within business and to create a valuable support network with a distinct emphasis on providing a warm welcome at events and ensuring that people get to meet the businesses they want to get to know better.”


“Both Claire and I feel that it is important for companies to have as many opportunities as possible to expand their networks with the ultimate aim of doing more business and anything that we can jointly do to increase those opportunities can only be good.”


The next Business Network East Midlands Event is a lunch at The Boundary’s Edge, Trent Bridge on 8th October , whilst there is a Catena Event in London on 24th September and East Midlands at the Nottingham Belfry on 29th October.  Further details can be obtained from Peter Motley

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The Psychology of Networking Do you know the difference between business networking and building business relationships?
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